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Suitkees Keeshonden

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I often get asked: "How does the Keeshond like to live with other animals like cats ?"
You see here Bear with his mate K-C, they are exactly the same age.
They grew up together, and mates they were!

Ch Suitkees Star den Burgh - Tarranella K-C
Best Mates !!

Mesmerished !!
There goes a lovely dinner.


K-C, being a male, provided for our motherbitches, when we had a litter, he would often drop a mouse or a little bird in the whelpingbox, more often than not, not dead yet, and the poor creatures would escape in the livingroom/kitchen, ofcourse with all the other dogs after it, which gave a real spectacle,  but then K-C looking around, would escape, looking very satisfied with having a job well done !!!

Our Cats A Black Smoke and a Birman
K-C and Koshka